The Teleprompter Manual
by Laurie Brown

Everything you need to know to be natural, confident
and powerful when using a teleprompter.

Experienced speakers know that to make their point and influence their audience, they must build rapport. Reading from a script makes this difficult, if not impossible, because connecting with an audience requires direct eye contact. No matter how substantive your information or how well written your speech, if you read your presentation to an audience, you will lose them.

You know this for yourself. Think of any presentation you've listened to where the speaker was reading. Inevitably, the person's voice flattens into a monotone. The next thing you know, you're thinking about where you'd like to eat lunch. What's more, reading makes you seem less authoritative. The audience may wonder, "If you know so much about the topic, why can't you just talk about it? Why do you depend on reading a script?" To free yourself from the written page and demonstrate your expertise to your audience, nothing works more effectively than the teleprompter.

It is not as easy as it might seem to use the teleprompter. However, once you become familiar with the ins and outs of using the teleprompter, your audience won't be aware that you are reading at all. People will simply have the sense that you're totally confident with your material. The Teleprompter Manual will teach you everything you need to know to present like a pro.