"One of the very best videos/DVDs ever made. It's a classic like 'Gone With The Wind.'  I show it in many of my seminars.   Everyone loves it.” 

Brad McRae, "The Seven Strategies of Master Presenters"

Specific Benefits From This Communication Program:

Learn how to improve  communication skills by studying Abraham Lincoln's speeches and letters

Discover the most powerful tool of executive leadership: effective communication

Develop interpersonal communication by finding out more about Abraham Lincoln's leadership style

Become skilled at giving powerful presentations, writing better letters


How would you feel if Abraham Lincoln could speak to your class or seminar, your course on business communication or interpersonal communication? 

You’d be thrilled, of course.  Now you can do the next best thing.  By showing “Lincoln on Communication,” you will enable your students to learn Lincoln’s communication secrets, the tactics and strategies that made him effective at interpersonal communication as well as a great writer and speechmaker.

This communication program is ideal for the classroom—for students from middle school and high school to college, government, and business.   It’s been acclaimed by communication experts and educators alike.

This communication program is also suitable for self-study—for people who want to improve just like Lincoln did.

Make a gift to your favorite school or university, give it to a friend, or add this great DVD to your collection.  This is a color, multi-camera production filmed before a live audience.  The presentation is strong on content and bright with anecdotes, illustrations, and humor.  What’s wonderful about this package is it contains a DVD of the performance PLUS an audio CD that you can play in your car, office, or Discman. 

The running time is 60 minutes, which makes it perfect for a training film.  It comes with a helpful teacher/trainer guide written by Dr. Griessman, which includes discussion points and exercises.

“As a communications expert, I've seen hundreds of training videos that are designed to teach communications skills. Gene Griessman's "Lincoln on Communications" is in a category by itself.  Every single minute is captivating, entertaining and educational. Whether you're 12 or 112, you'll want to watch this multiple times. Learn something new every time you hit ‘play.’”   Marilynn Mobley, "The Scoop On Media Interviews: How to be a Respected Resource Reporters and Producers Love"

“Griessman provides an excellent blend of Lincoln colloquialisms, stories, anecdotes, and excerpts from speeches and letters to illustrate how Lincoln became a self-professed lover of words.   The photography is excellent and Griessman is so articulate that Lincoln could probably have benefited from some advice from him…. 'Lincoln on Communication' is an excellent supplement to the printed material on the subject and presents a superb analysis of Lincoln’s talents with the written and spoken word.  It clearly illustrates why today’s leaders still refer to his writings for enlightenment and inspiration.”  
       Excerpt from a review in the “Lincoln Herald.”