Four-Session Video CD-ROM Seminar

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"We have David back repeatedly because of  the results he achieves.
After David's last program, we had our best sales month ever!"
- Barry Gillespie, Director of Sales, Cingular Wireless

"David's organizational ideas were quite beneficial. I am especially grateful for the suggestions on how to interact with the audience. It made a huge difference in how I was perceived versus the other presenters who just stood there."
- Diane Danner, Regional Manager, The Wall Street Journal

No matter what you do, you're a salesperson. Whether you are selling a product, a service, an idea, or yourself, the simple and proven tools on this video CD-ROM will provide you with the confidence and skills needed to increase your sales and your bottom line.
One of my Fortune 100 clients had me create this video to be used by all their salespeople and as a gift for more than 60,000 of their best customers.

Finally, they've allowed me to make it available to my clients, too. Watch it and re-watch it on your computer and allow me to be your personal coach as we take a look at four key elements of successful selling:

Each session is approximately 8 minutes long and designed to accelerate learning. IBM and Mac compatible.